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Enneagram relationship coaching is divided into 2 levels.

Enneagram relationship coaching is divided into 2 levels.

  • The first level "Eneagram coaching" is 3 modules, focusing on the basic, competencies and Eneagram. 

  • The second level "Relationship coaching" is all about techniques, deep coaching and relationships.

 This unique course is based on overarching frameworks of coaching skills development, taken from decades of personal growth activities and practices. Its underlying approach is based on practicing many different exercises, using coaching tools and performing live coaching sessions that are monitored by professional instructors who will provide the trainees with detailed feedback about their performance. Additionally, focusing on the 8 coaching competencies that the ICF depends on. 

The course focuses on four essential dimensions; coaching competencies, skills, Eneagram coaching, and relationship coaching.

Enneagram programme changing and mind-shift.

Enneagram programme changing and mind-shift.

is divided into 3 levels

Level 1  

is 60 hrs. centers around how to raise the level of awareness via personality through 3 dimensions. Eneagram types, releasing from your type, and finally instincts. 

Level 2

is 60 hrs Centers around the inner work; EGO and shadow, inner critic and relationships. 

Level 3

is 80 hrs Centers around mindfulness, levels of growth, spiral dynamics and typing.